many new thoughts For Studio Nights....
                                              Letīs have a look to the band

    Last year Riff recorded some new songs with Sitar and grooveboxloops.After some  unsteady months ,
now the new album is available at some record shops , mailorders or ... here at Stono records..



    for more information see to the Riff and the mad Hatterīs discografie or click Riff discogarfie



    Stono Label mailorder info 2009.
    for all of you , who still like a paper list to read at home ,
    here is a new Stono Info 2009.with a list of all available Stono Cds and Cd-Rs and somereviews of concert news
    If you wish to get a copy contact by e mail  , or send us a letter.

    hope you find time to watch to all our sides and keep contact with us.  If you like our music for yourself or any CD as a present..we are happy about every contact and let us tell the truth :selling our CDs keeps up the energy and financial possibility for further productions

    loving letters, poems and orders by e mail to: riff@stonorecords.com


yours Riff