Music as a part of artificalgrowing - the labelphilosophie

life is an endless sound ;

the universe is the endless room ;

the breath is the cosmic beat - music is magic ;

music will overcome all barrieres ; music is like a friend , a companion ;

a traveling leader of a legal trip ;

music is dancing between intellectual thoughts and amusement ,

far away of pathos or triviality ;

 music leaves to god in an incredible form of power ;

words reflect the mind of time ; tell us stories

in a bright area of philosophical, sensitive , critical to cinical humor consenses.

The cybernetical evolution lives together  with psychedelic ritual aspects 

and within creating the cyperdelic aspect.
By getting together acustic instruments , standing for ä naturalô ,
with the human created electronical instrument , standing for äartificalô,

it is getting part of the human nature , the lively Cyperdelic music.