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We are happy you visit us .Stono records is a selfrunning music label of musicians.Playing with the sounds of psychedelic , electronic and folk music, there are some mindblowing CDs waiting for you ! To have a splendid journey through our sides , here are a few advices : by clicking the buttons you get to the choosen pages ;
on the Stono records label sides  you have three buttons , that will bring you to following pages with its special contents and informations.clicking button NEWS here you find the actual NEWS SIDE and you can read about  the actual news of the label , any activities about our artists and bands ;either Live-dates or recording sessions.  clicking LABEL HISTORY you can read a short and complete  review about all our activities and productions updated to now. clicking the button MYSTERY ...what do you choose to get ?clicking the button HOME you will get back to our Stono records  first page and you can go to another side of our homepage.
For further details about our bands , like bandhistory or  more CD information click the button „bands“on the home side . Then you can choose a band and go to the band`s special sides . clicking button „shop“ you `ll get directely to our internet shop to have a view to our Cds and to get the possibility to order by internet  ; Click to button „friends“ you will come to a page with links to other musicians , radiostations , magazines , recorddealers and so on.( ..Many adresses , people that are involved to psychedelic emotions and other homepages about people living and acting with music ) ; Click to button „regional“ you ´ll come to a page with some studio activities  for our urban region . DON`T WORRY ! On each side you can click the  button  „ home“ . So you have the possibility to go to the first page and try another route again

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