In summer 1984 Repp and Bela decided to do a tape MC recording together.( MCS see disctory )

Being a couple for more than 4 years and doing some art experience in the Hans Kahl combo ( Repp as a musician  and Bela as a pantomime ) , time had come to form a band project.

First they tried to play in the following line up:
Bela : vocals and bass ;  Repp : vocals, guitar and drum box .

But it didn´t get the sound they were searching for. There were no hands for any keys !
Bela decided to create her musical impressions with keyboards. As the songs were there to be recorded.... most of the instruments on the first  Mc recording were played by Repp ,and Bela mostly sang or did some MS 20 synthesizers improvisations . And there is a wonderful recorder-duo played by both.
But already three month after the first MC production , that was simply called REPP + BELA HA - The Twist , they took it as a bands name  and The Twist had its first Live gig  in a small pub called Lindenhardt – Dezember 1984 !

As Repp and Bela were just a duo , they played with drumbox and bass on tape ; Bela played some small casio keys and MS 20 ( monophonic synth ) and Repp did the tape recorder and played electric guitar. Both on vocals. It was a speed beat sound with fast running boxes and mostly guitar dominating songs.
In 1985 a second MC followed „ Searching The White Star „ that was not so clearly flower or summer time music than the first , but had some radical thoughts and extended psychedelic emotions in it. Repp and Bela never stopped to show reflections to the daily life and give parts of this feeling of life back into its musical study. And the 80 ties had a lot to hide ! Nevertheless the Mc was released and again some gigs in the surroundings , followed. As Repp was doing new songs in spring 1986 , the songs had grown . The tempo got lower and the arrangements went bigger. And he was no longer happy with the small drumbox sound and even the Casio keyboard had its fixed sound possibilities. So the drumbox just worked for a recording click and Repp by himself played some traditional drums. Meanwhile a second synthesizer followed to the equipment and the sound got richer with it.
On the desasterful Tschernobylaccident day , Repp and Bela made the photosession for the release of the 3rd MC – Beyond The Tides. The photos were made by Lothar Ertl , a friend that followed them from now, for quite a time. The Mc came out in summer 1986 , with a booklet and with some lyric and some photos and grafic art inside it and it was the first that reached a swiss radio show.
A live playing now seemed more difficult to them. Repp again did some drum and bass tape versions of his new songs and Lothar Ertl aka Lord Smoulder who meanwhile , got a member of the live band , did some lightshow to the music. Unfortunately The Twist had to play always the same song set as on the special live tapes , and soon Repp got  tired of it. To this trouble, he broke his left small finger and was set out !  Not real ! Time for experiments. He retuned his guitar, to play with just two fingers, Bela took her synthes and Lord Smoulder started working on the drum set. A few jams were done, that showed a new The Twist band left its cocon. „Lonely cowboyman“ was one of the favourite songs and reflects the actual situation. After the rehabilitation of Repp´s fingers , they started recording the new ideas and in august 1987 they released the 4th MC The Twist – Right Now. To do the songs Live , now they needed a bass player. Stefan Zeitler aka Zanussi came to the band line up as followed:
Lord Smoulder : drums ; Zanussi: bass ; Bela : vocals, keys , synthes; Repp : vocals, guitars;
They had its first gig on a private big garden party , and it was a splendid time. Zanussi  always wanted to play a lot of Live gigs , but as today a hard Life ! for a psychedelic band as psychedelic listeners mostly sit at home.... and club owners may not accept mankinds psychedelic traditions.Nevertheless they did a few gigs in some cities of bavaria , even a 5th MC was recorded when Lord Smoulder realised to stop the activities with the band as he had a full time job that needed all his power. More or less the 5 th as the last MC of The Twist- Eight Arms was released in 1988. This was not clear at this moment of course. Now The Twist were a band with a new MC but without a drummer. It was no good feeling „testing“ persons to be the one or not to be the one. This was not the right acting  for all three. As Repp and Bela being together as a couple and Zanussi and Sanne were a couple , too ....the simpliest view was the right one : Sanne had to stop her playing of xylophon , but had to study The Twist song set , by playing drums now.
On the „Kommfestival in summer 1988“ they had their first Live date. Unfortunately the band broke again , as Zanussi left the band a month later and The Twist were a trio as before . Some strange time for Repp came up : his lovely dog Bärbel got ill and had to be put to sleep, and the Rep ( radical political group ) came up in germany .The Twist did a 6th MC called World , its no miracle , Baby ! But after the release of it , Repp decided to take it back , finished all The Twist activities, turning his mind into deeper areas and transformed into Riff. Bela and Sanne followed and The pre Cosmic Gardeners were born , but that`s just another story , that might be continued on another side...