Riff started his musical life, when changing , in early times , his violin to an electric guitar.
After some different schoolbands in the mid 70`ties , he did some musical projects together
with Limo
( see page of Fim Froil ).
In 1984 he bought a 4 channel recordingmachine and founded Stono Räkords ,
an independent cassettelabel only.
With several bands MC cassettes were produced. ( see The Twist , Fim Froil ) .
Performing mostly as a duo , the first unofficial MC release of Riff was in 1984 .
Personal Affairs In Criminal Times, a mixture of Beat- and neopsychedelic-songs ;
recorded with a small equipment of : vocals, bass,electric guitar, monosynthesizer,
Casio-organ and drumbox.
In 1984, meeting Bela in a musical way they started a female, male duo ,
first The Twist and after several personal bandchanges they formed the Cosmic Gardeners.
( see page of Cosmic Gardeners ) .
A second soloMC was the release of 12 songs, dedicated to his dog Bärbel.
Riff - Songs For The Dog ; released in 1990.
This tape has been rereleased as a CD-R version in 1999 ( see discografie ). 

As music is a magic form and by creating songs with a psychedelic tune , the energy behind is
to improve the spiritual ways and help saving the natural circles , for we all are a part of it.
Doing an active form of music , Riff started the Stono records label in autumn 1990.

Several recordings with the Cosmic Gardeners followed .
After a lot of improvising with acc instruments in the late 70 ties and after playing as a Beat
and neopsychedelicband in an electric way through the 80 ties ,
in 1993 after the recording of the Cosmic Gardeners CD Calling Joy-sele ,
Riff decided to create a solo project combining his acustic instruments as :
Sitar , Dulcimer , Auto harp, Mandoline, Bambooflute, Cymbals, tabla and percussion into the
space sound of the Cosmic Gardeners equipment, featuring:
Mono- and poly-phonic synthesizers , reverb and delay machines , drumcomputers and
electric guitars .

The Mad Hatter´s Garden Band Machine was born .
The first release was in 1994 the MC Cellular Fishes In An Ocean Of Time; a kind of trance folk
psychedelic music , mostly instrumental songs with a bright sound of all the instruments , Riff
got in his musicroom.
In 1995 a CD version was released with 3 bonus Tracks.
 While doing the management of the Stono records label and recording with the other Stono
    bands time had to run until 2000 that Riff found time for a new Mad Hatter´s Garden Band
Dream Minatures was recorded in the time between dez.1999 to aug 2000.
A wordplay of Dream Miniatures and Dream Mindadventures giving the aspect of the album:
finding inside  by traveling outside.... unearthly tunes and sounds in dreamful melodies ;
foggy soundscapes of synthes ;
manycoloured tunes of electric and acustic string-instruments
( featuring mandoguitar, acc.el. guitars, Sitar )
Jam Sessions Vol 1 was the harvest of 1and 1/2 year improvising and working with our new Stono equipment ; as time is running bad for selfproduced bands CD labels ,
Riff started doing this very intimate work ; playing with sound s and rhythmloops
to give some special soundscapes , for a travel on some sitar , guitar beams

IN 2006 Riff started some sitar music maybe for more meditation moments
he was able to realise some musical events along the year 2007 and friends and fans
asked for the music on CD .So between winter 2007 and year 2008 Riff
recorded nine new sitar tracks that were released on CD through Stono records
more details about see :
Riff discografie.