Fim Froil were founded as a band project in 1998.
 In 1997 Limo and Riff started recording songs.
But this was not the first cooperation both did.

In the mids 70 ties Limo and Riff
played together in an acustic formation called Baumbart.

In the 80 ties they had some changing experiences with bands as:
Hans Kahl Combo, Kannibalen + Missionare, Pure Luege
and as a duo project :
The Eyes Of Fate .
They released two MCs in a mindblowing psychedelic sound:
In 1984 : The Eyes Of Fate - The Eyes of Fate
and in 1985: The Eyes Of Fate - Red White Blue. ( see discografie Fim Froil )

12 years , counting a whole dozen of years....they started again.
But as they didn´t want to reform any old standart , a new band was created. Fim Froil .

Limo: vocals, bass, piano , guitars , percussion + drumbox , polyphonic synthesizers, clarinet ;
Riff. vocals, bass , guitars , sitar , drumcomputer , monophonic synthesizers ;

will it again need 12 years for a second Fim Froil release ?
Just time will know the wiser...