The mystery of the Cosmic Gardeners music....

As a glassball might show the sun-light in rainbowcolours ,
the sound ofthe Cosmic Gardeners will fuse to
an energyform of a very special one.
Traditional instruments like : acc + el.guitars , dulcimers , mandolines , sitar , flutes....
meet a couple of electric machines and connect the material
way of human artificial life with the emotions
of the real existing cosmic life.
modules of deep basstones glide through a fog of synthesizersounds
foreign drum-messages guide to the dance of some
tiny sitarmelodies;
voices sing you songs `bout space and time , distorted guitar-riffs , reflect the protest of the present time .
Elements of  > Rock-Folk-Psychedelic-Ethno and Electronic < merge into a musical style of a new generation :
Cyperdelic music is the area of the Cosmic Gardeners.
Giving the words a time for freedom or comment
and with the power of music, as a magic key to the world ,
they show the force of  the manysided way of cosmic life.
Love Life , as  Life loves You...
is the mantra that gives its smile to the human brain.
never was a trip as legal, feel the moving in your senses
by visiting The Cosmic Gardeners Circle.....
for more details or for any live booking get in contact with us:




Love and Kisses we send to all sunbrothers and moonsisters
of the world and outside anywhere....
Love will shine on you ....


a big Thank You and a deep respect we give to Betti and Ali of www.psychedelic-music.net  and their computer-grafic earthquarter at Berlin , who made this side as beautiful as it is .  Riff + Bela aprl.2001